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Karakuri Workshop Book
Karakuri Workshop Book - Image 1

Karakuri Workshop Book


What is it?

Originated in Japan, Karakuri is an art of making paper toys that move using simple mechanisms such as gears, cranks, cams and lever. Included are full color pull-out pages for you to cut, paste and assemble six different paper toys, and more. Even if you don't know anything about paper craft, this book will guide you in steps from building basic models, learn about the tools and techniques, basic mechanisms to building your own original Karakuri model. Detailed explanations, accompanied by diagrams, explain the physics behind how Karakuri works, and you will also learn how different types of mechanisms help us in our daily lives. You can build 6 amazing moving paper models using basic mechanisms that include - Power in the Paw – Crank mechanism, A special message – Lever mechanism, Catch me if you can – Cam mechanism, What’s holding me back – Crank mechanism, Three monkeys of Gandhiji – Cam mechanism, Karakuri wonder train – Gear mechanism. With complete directions, more than 10 full-size paper models, and the science behind the Karakuri, this paper craft book is a unique introduction to an ancient art and a perfect gift for children and adults above 10 years with creative and imaginative minds.